Are there any believers in your fellowship suffering great hardship and distress? Encourage them to pray!

Are there happy, cheerful ones among you? Encourage them to sing out their praises!

Are there any sick among you? Then ask the elders of the church to come and pray over the sick and anoint them with oil in the name of our Lord. And the prayer of faith will heal the sick and the Lord will raise them up, and if they have committed sins they will be forgiven.

Confess and acknowledge how you have offended one another and then pray for one another to be instantly healed, for tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer! (Jam 5:13)

Awesome truths ❤️



Blessed be the LORD, Because He has heard the voice of my supplication.

The LORD is my strength and my [impenetrable] shield; My heart trusts [with unwavering confidence] in Him, and I am helped;

Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I shall thank Him and praise Him. (Psa 28:6)

There are times when I feel the Lord say immensely profound statements and I rush to try and get them all down… then there are times when all I hear is the sound of my breath.

My breath … So I’m alive. I’m breathing. Isn’t that still profound? I can still make a difference to someone’s broken life today! ❤️


Scripture reassures us, “No one who trusts God like this—heart and soul—will ever regret it.” It’s exactly the same no matter what a person’s religious background may be: the same God for all of us, acting the same incredibly generous way to everyone who calls out for help.

Everyone who calls, ‘Help, God!’ gets help.”

Rom 10:11)

I’ve seen witches caught in the web of their own deceits call out and get set free. I’ve seen broken men, who then tried to break their women and children call out and get set free. Intellectuals hiding behind their walls of knowledge, bankers chained by their own filthy lucre …

I KNOW that I KNOW, that I KNOW – whoever calls, ‘HELP GOD’, gets help. ❤️


I cried out to you in my distress, the delivering God, and from your temple-throne you heard my troubled cry.

My sobs came right into your heart and you turned your face to rescue me.

…He then reached down from heaven, all the way from the sky to the sea. He reached down into my darkness to rescue me! He took me out of my calamity and chaos and drew me to himself, taking me from the depths of my despair!

…His love broke open the way and he brought me into a beautiful broad place. He rescued me—because his delight is in me! (Psa 18)

No matter what lies are screaming at you, our Heavenly Father didn’t create you just to ‘dump’ you! No matter what’s happened, He has never changed His Loving heart towards you. He EAGERLY waits for us to come to Him so we can be forgiven and not have to suffer any more consequences.

Come … ❤️


This “insider world” is not our home. (Heb 13:14)

We’ve all heard the message that we’re all made to be unique and should live that way, unfortunately we all too soon find out that peer pressure is a hard task master.

It’s an intricate web of la la that starts subtly in our formative years and attains full strength by the time we begin to integrate.

We think (hope) that it will end with School, but soon realise that Work is just as bad. But it doesn’t end there. The web of deceit and conformity touches our Home, our Church, even our Play.

The Word of GOD tells us not to compromise and that if we allow ourselves to do whatever it takes to get ‘inside’ we’ll regret it – it isn’t our true home.

Lord Jesus, please open my eyes to see where I’ve compromised my dreams, break me away from whatever I’ve chained myself to. Help me Lord to BE the Child You want me to be! Amen! ❤️


… He called you out of darkness to experience his marvellous light… (1 Peter 2:9)

You don’t have to be a theologian to understand that because the world rejects the Living GOD and wants to make their own gods to idolise there will always be darkness.

But our GOD who is full of LOVE, GRACE and LIGHT, invites us to walk with him through Jesus in his marvellous light.

… He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world. For at one time you were not God’s people, but now you are. At one time you knew nothing of God’s mercy, because you hadn’t received it yet, but now you are drenched with it! (1 Peter 2:9) ❤️


I’m striding in the presence of GOD, alive in the land of the living! I stayed faithful, though bedeviled, and despite a ton of bad luck, Despite giving up on the human race, saying, “They’re all liars and cheats.” (Psa 116:9)

Let’s face it, we’ve ALL given up on the human race at one time or another.

It might be un-PC to call out the wrongs that we see committed against each other, but privately we’re all struggling with having to keep our mouths shut.

The thing is, before GOD cornered us and changed us, we didn’t know any better and we were ACTIVELY part of this deformed human race!

Jesus gives us the solution though. He tells us that these errant children are His and not to worry over them, but to unburden ourselves and bring it all to Him in prayer. ❤️