Jesus tells us plainly that “Troubles and obstacles to your faith are inevitable”, however he also promises; “I give you an eternal truth: If two of you agree to ask God for something in a symphony of prayer, my heavenly Father will do it for you. For wherever two or three come together in honour of my name, I am right there with them!” (‭‭Mat 18:19)

Be open before GOD. Tell him what’s happening – he has seen everything and knows it all anyway! If you struggle with prayer, then ask someone to pray with you. Two or more people praying are beautiful, because in humbling yourself to pray ‘openly’ about your problems it reveals your heart to others. This not only demolishes your pride, but allows others to feel secure enough to demolish theirs!

GOD tells us “I will be glad in My people … Before they call out, I’ll answer, before they finish speaking, I’ll have heard.” (Isa 65:24) ❤️

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