One day Jesus taught his disciples this: “Betrayals are inevitable, but great devastation will come to the one guilty of betraying others. It would be better for him to have a heavy boulder tied around his neck and be hurled into the deepest sea than to face the punishment of betraying one of my dear ones!

So be alert to your brother’s condition, and if you see him going the wrong direction, cry out and correct him. If there is true repentance on his part, forgive him. No matter how many times in one day your brother sins against you and says, ‘I’m sorry; I am changing; forgive me,’ you need to forgive him each and every time.”

Upon hearing this, the apostles said to Jesus, “Lord, you must increase our measure of faith!” (Luke‬ ‭17:1)

This message must surely be for me only today, I cannot believe that anyone other than me struggles with forgiveness…! “Holy Father, open the eyes of my heart (again) to see just what the sin of my unforgiving attitude did to you on the cross. I choose to forgive those who have hurt me – Lord, help me to release my memories of the events to you. Amen.

Thank you my awesome Father. ❤️

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