…God considers all of humanity to be prisoners of their unbelief, so that he can unlock our hearts and show his tender mercies to all who come to him. (Rom‬ ‭11:32)

There’s a great part in the book GOD’s Generals where John G Lake (a powerful faith healer) is visiting a tiny village in Africa and meets up with a pastor who is holding a small child in his arms. The child’s neck has been broken, it has already gone grey and appears to be quite dead!

Not perturbed by the situation the pastor continues praying fervently for the child. Looking up though at John G Lake, the pastor sees unbelief in Johns eyes and says: “I am praying the prayer of faith and I do not need the hindrance of your unbelief. Please leave me.” Upset by his obvious lack of faith, John G Lake retired to a hut and spend the rest of the day asking GOD to forgive him.

Very early the next morning the pastor comes into the hut where John G Lake is staying and John G Lake says, “I presume you have been away burying the child?”

The pastor, a mild mannered man of GOD tells him gently, “you are quite mistaken John, the child is quite alive and back safely with his mother!”

Lord Jesus, I believe – please help my unbelief… ❤️

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