And those who know Your name [who have experienced Your precious mercy] will put their confident trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not abandoned those who seek You. (Psa 9:10)

This reminds me of a time when I was in hospital. I was finishing reading The Heavenly Man, which was a remarkable true story of the struggles of Chinese Christian brother Yun (New edition by Bro . Yun, Paul Hattaway (ISBN: 97818542459).

Anyway, a nurse walks by and says: I’ve always wanted to read that book, so I tell her that I’ll be finished in an hour and she can grab it then. She subsequently returns for the book and trades it for a prayer card. I thank her and place it on my cabinet.

A while later a young man walks by, looks at the card and says “You don’t believe all that **** do you, GOD doesn’t exist?” We got chatting and I asked him what’s wrong and he tells me that he’s a metal worker and got a splinter in his hand which has subsequently poisoned his blood and they’re going to amputate his arm tomorrow.

“Well,” I said, “I think that if I were in your situation, rather than just dismiss GOD I’d at least find out if He was real enough to help!

“Here,” I said, take the card and go for a walk in one of the gardens and just ask GOD if He’s real, and if He is then can he do something about this situation.”

I didn’t see him until much later the next day, so I didn’t know what was happening, but I prayed … suddenly he appeared running up to my bed, “They’ve postponed the operation,” he said. They did more tests and my readings HAVE GONE DOWN!!!”

I was overjoyed for him and asked him, “Do you still have the card?” he pulled a crumpled card out of his dressing gown, “good,” I said, “time for you to go walking with GOD again, and this time thank Him!” X


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