Wednesday – 26/4/17

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I am not ashamed, for I know (perceive, have knowledge of, and am acquainted with) Him Whom I have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on), and I am [positively] persuaded that He is able to guard and keep that which has been entrusted to me and which I have committed [to Him] until that day. (2 Tim ‭1:12‬)

Woke up with this verse buzzing around my head when I asked “what do you want to say today Lord?” 

His Love for you is Awesome! X

Tuesday – 25/4/17

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This is the kind of life you’ve been invited into, the kind of life Christ lived. He suffered everything that came his way so you would know that it could be done, and also know how to do it, step-by-step. 

He never did one thing wrong, Not once said anything amiss. They called him every name in the book and he said nothing back. He suffered in silence, content to let God set things right. 

He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. 

His wounds became your healing. You were lost sheep with no idea who you were or where you were going. Now you’re named and kept for good by the Shepherd of your souls. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭2:21)

As the Lord keeps reminding me, walking with him is all about choice.

Tiredness, boredom, ugly thoughts, etc, will always attack us and it’s only by lifting our eyes up to him that we can ever hope to overcome and truly become his sheep. 

Child of the Living God – you are known, loved, forgiven, led, named and kept for good by the Shepherd of your soul. X

Monday – 24/4/17

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No doubt about it! God is good— good to good people, good to the good-hearted. But I nearly missed it, missed seeing his goodness. I was looking the other way, looking up to the people At the top, envying the wicked who have it made, Who have nothing to worry about, not a care in the whole wide world.

Pretentious with arrogance, they wear the latest fashions in violence, Pampered and overfed, decked out in silk bows of silliness. They jeer, using words to kill; they bully their way with words. They’re full of hot air, loudmouths disturbing the peace. People actually listen to them—can you believe it? Like thirsty puppies, they lap up their words.

… When I was beleaguered and bitter, totally consumed by envy, I was totally ignorant, a dumb ox in your very presence. I’m still in your presence, but you’ve taken my hand. You wisely and tenderly lead me, and then you bless me. (‭‭Psalm‬ ‭73)

“Trust me?” Says GOD, “This is what I want my people to hear today …” X

Sunday – 23/4/17

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Yes, indeed—God is my salvation. I trust, I won’t be afraid. 

GOD —yes GOD!—is my strength and song, best of all, my salvation! (Isa 12:2‬)

Have you ever heard a child crying out in their sleep? Maybe they’re having a horrible nightmare or just in discomfort or pain? Can you remember the quickening padded sounds of a parent rushing towards them, all the time issuing comforting sounds of peace?

Jesus tells us: “You’re at least decent to your own children. So don’t you think the God who conceived you in love will be even better?” (Mat 7:12)

Our Father GOD hears everything. His arms are always available for comfort and His Words are full of Hope and Promise. X

Saturday – 22/4/17

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“… If you want to live well, make sure you understand all of this. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll learn this inside and out. 

GOD ’s paths get you where you want to go. Right-living people walk them easily; wrong-living people are always tripping and stumbling.” (Hosea‬ ‭14:9‬)

We pray (in effect) “Help! Get me out of this mess!” And GOD hears, steps in and begins to help. But remember what He says about His paths. They get you where you want to go and Right-Living people walk them easily whereas Wrong-Living people are always tripping and stumbling. 

Lord, I know that just ‘doing things’ doesn’t win me any points with you and that trusting you is the only way.

Please help me to trust in you enough to honour you and live right in your eyes. X

Friday – 21/4/17

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Now that we have actually received this amazing friendship with God, we are no longer content to simply say it in plodding prose. We sing and shout our praises to God through Jesus, the Messiah! (‭Rom ‭5:11)

Someone said recently that if you remove the Holy Spirit from Church then all your left with is Religion …!

Precious Holy Spirit, please help us not to ignore your gentle leading. We’re sick of our ‘good ideas’ going nowhere. Help us to humble ourselves and receive Your ‘God ideas!’ X

Thursday – 20/4/17

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I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation [from His wrath and punishment] to everyone who believes [in Christ as Savior]… 

For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed, both springing from faith and leading to faith [disclosed in a way that awakens more faith]. 

As it is written and forever remains written, “THE JUST and UPRIGHT SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.” (Rom ‭1:16)

Before you even begin to think: “But, how?!?” Read on …

He made Christ who knew no sin to [judicially] be sin on our behalf, so that in Him we would become the righteousness of God [that is, we would be made acceptable to Him and placed in a right relationship with Him by His gracious lovingkindness]. (2 Cor 5:21‬)

I read somewhere that each time Jesus hears you confess, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ,” it brings much pleasure to His heart too, because you are laying hold of what He suffered and died to give you. 

Thank You Jesus that because of what You have done, I am the righteousness of God in You. X